Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interviewed by Danish journalist Anders Reuter

A windy day in April I met up with the talented Danish journalist Anders Reuter in Copenhagen for an talk about my music, my views on life and how it feels to realize a dream!

I was excited as Anders has interviewed big stars such as Timberlake, 50 Cent, Radiohead, Justin Bieber, Muse Enrique Iglesias and now me - wohoo!

Sharpen your ears and you'll catch every word. 

I hope you'll enjoy getting to know me even better.

Nina x

Friday, May 24, 2013

How I deal with fear, worry, stress!

As I wrote about in my previous blogpost I do experience sudden panic attacks when it comes to finances and how I will manage while I am realizing my dream. I guess it is because I am taking many risks with my career and I have no idea of the future. No safety net, no stable income and I just have to trust that with my work, dedication and focus I will make it.

This may sound irresponsible and as if I live my life with my eyes closed. I guess if you compare my way of living to the majority it would seem that way. For me it is all about believing (strongly) that when you embark on your real mission and follow your passion (exploit your talents) you will succeed - but only if you trust in that you will make it. If you don't believe this no one else will.

When I feel panic I know I must not let it take over and I have to stop worrying immediately cause worrying gets me nowhere except deeper into a black hole where I get nothing good done! I have gotten quite good at noticing when I think negative or go into worry-mode and so I know when to set in and combat my thoughts. Most people, unfortunately, don't even notice how negative their thoughts are cause they have simply become a part of them. So, begin by observing your thoughts! Anyway, how do I combat these panic attacks? Here are a few easy to "copy" tricks of mine:

1) I do my 5 Tibethan rites almost every morning as soon as I get out of bed. This makes me calm down and get "grounded" before I start my day. When I don't do them I feel more stressed and less focused. Moreover, the 5 Tibethan Rites balance the chakra system (energy system in our bodies - if you are into all that), they keep you young (!) and it good shape, and I have less headache + bodypains when I do them.

2) I meditate. This does not have to mean you sit in a lotus position humming funky words. I do this sometimes, but mostly I lay down with my eyes closed and imagine light washing away all my worries and fears. It actually helps me a lot. I remind myself of my dreams, goals and what I have achieved. Everyday I "say" thank you for the good things that are happening in my life and this makes me think of what I HAVE and not what I lack! You can start by saying thank you for 3 good things everyday before sleeping. That is how I began, now my list is a lot longer than just 3 things ;)

3) GET OUT! A normal walk in nature, in the city or anywhere away from your home gets you into a more "normal" state of mind. The trick is to observe what you are passing as you walk/jog and this brings you into the moment and calms the mind. When I come back I am always peaceful and focused.

4) Small jobs. As my worries are mostly of a financial character it helps me so much to work these planned 4-5 hours a day every day in a reception. This is my only "stable" income and everything else is unknown. Cause naturally I need to make quite a bit more than what I do at this job. When I come back from my job I feel good and working with young children energizes me. Their spark and joy is so inspiring. It gives me energy to work on other things too. It feels empowering.

5) Eat well! Actually I never eat junkfood, cause I get so tired from it and my body deserves better than eating crap food. It has to serve me a whole lifetime so I take good care of it. I also stopped eating meat, but that is for moral reasons (another story). I try not to drink too much coffee but so far I cant lay off it completely. Sugar is also best to stay off during stressful times, but damn that is hard for me. I looove cakes and chocolates.

6) Exercise. Going to the gym for as little as 30 mins really works wonders. I clear my mind and use my body so after both body and mind feel great!

7) Sleep! Get your sleep. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Don't have your phone / laptop next to you, cause they do affect your sleep. Don't watch a splatter/drama/horror movie just before bed cause it overstimulates your brain and makes it more difficult to sleep. I don't drink caffeine 2 hours before sleeping.

8) Fun times. Although I feel I should be working all the time to make enough money so I can get peace of mind, I know it wont help. However, spending time with great friends or family doing something totally different gets my mind off things and reminds me of all the great things / people I have in my life.

9) Creativity / Hobbies. For me being creative gets me into a balanced, joyous, happy and powerful state of mind. So, playing the piano or singing or even putting music on and dancing alone in my flat makes me feel great. So, be sure to practice your hobby if you feel stressed. Remove yourself from the stressful environment or person that is causing you stress and do something for YOU!

10) Laugh! This is probably the best remedy against fear, worry or stress. Laugh with friends, family or even put on a fun series or movie. Such a simple thing with such a powerful effect.

I hope these small tips help you like they do me ;)

Have a fantastic day

Nina x

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Avoiding panic !

Since my last post a lot has happened and I am on a major emotional roller coaster ride of feeling great and feeling low.

So what has been going on the last 2-3 weeks?
I heard from a label that has shown great interest in me after the new music video release, which is fantastic. Have not decided on anything yet, but it is a great feeling to be in demand. Then I have been flat hunting and found a perfect flat that I moved into this weekend and now I just need to sort out a ton of paperwork. It always comes as a surprise for me how much practical stuff there is to do when you move. I'll let you in on a little secret...this is my move number 20 so I feel like staying here for a while !

To have this new beautiful flat should make me feel calm and happy. However, I immediately felt panic as I now have to find the money for a rent + utilities + insurances. In fact, until last week I have been living of my savings to focus 100% on my music so, mega panic as I used most of them on this flat.

When I panic I forget what is good for me and I have a tendancy to forget my mission (making music and performing) as I just need to get an income fast. That means that I go out and look for crappy jobs instead of looking for jobs I feel like doing. Then I have very little energy to be creative and work on my music and it all slips through my fingers. When I am not creative I get depressed and then I go looooow. Then I am in trouble! Believe me, I have tried it a few times. I hate how financial worries stop my good feeling and ability to create and I bet this is the most common worry we have.

Because I have tried choosing the wrong job so many times and forgetting my music I am so scared of getting new jobs out of the simple thought that it may happen again. That all I have achieved with my music will be lost, that I will get depressed cause I am not being creative. Yet, I need an income... and if I dont have money I also worry about how I will make ends meet and then I can't be creative, so yes, you could call this a vicious circle! It is about finding a balance here.

Last week I was lucky to start a good job that I like here in Berlin. It is mostly children and their parents I speak to and love the vibe there and I get energy from it, so I can make music when I get home. Another great thing is that I have to use my German, so I am getting really good at it.

In the middle of what sometimes feels overwhelming and chaotic it is so very important to keep reminding myself of what I already achieved in less than 6 months. It is not only the end result that is important but also the small goals I reach along the way! Hurray for those! They make me smile and keep the faith.

I keep writing, performing and putting my own songs out there cause this is what I am meant to do and by working on my music (new material, performing, promoting etc) every day if only for as little as an hour, I am doing something! I know I can do this cause never in my life have I wanted anything more.

I will keep you posted on how everything goes.

Until then you can enjoy this acoustic version of my electro/80sPop song Better off Alone and a new song called Heaven is a place on earth that I performed here in Berlin a month ago.

Keep your dreams alive!

Nina x

Thursday, May 09, 2013

A few thoughts on following your dreams!

Better off Alone entered on chart of top 20 Alternative hits
Today I found that Better off Alone has entered as no. 16 on a Danish top 20 list over the best alternative hits. Now I am on 3 charts! Pretty good for a beginner ;)

I am so glad I dared to give up my old life and follow my music dreams and my passion. It has been an emotional ride and still is, but man it is worth every minute of it!
 With that "passionate note" in mind, I would like to share something with you.

This morning I came across a TEDtalk about how the no. one regret the dying people have in a select number of hospices is that they did not dare to live the life they wanted to, but rather lived a life they felt others expected them too (I posted the video link at the end of this page).

I am glad I realized at an early age they I was living the life I expected others would want me to and not the life I wanted. I am glad I had the courage to do something about it. I was not meant to run a online marketing consultancy company. I was meant to sing, perform, write and inspire. How do I know this? I know it because this is what makes my heart sing. Where my passion is. What I can do for hours and hours without feeling tired, but rather it leaves me feeling energized. This talent is given to me for a reason. It has to be used!

If you don't know what you want out of your life I suggest you spend some time alone and just try and think about old childhood dreams, passions, what you like doing and what you imagined your life to be when you were little and the whole world lay open at your feet. What makes you happy! This sounds easy, but the best way to find out who the real you is and what the real you wants out of life is to stop listening to what others think and say and just listen to your own feelings. This was how I myself learned to follow my heart; spending time alone thinking about my life and my dreams.

I really hope you will take 10 minutes out of your day and watch this important and very inspiring video (click the link below). Maybe it is not a major life change you have to do ... just don't keep waiting until tomorrow, cause one day tomorrow may be too late. 

Rethinking the bucket list - Kathleen Taylor TEDxTalk

Love Nina x

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Brand NEW Music Video is out today!

This is the day where the fruit of hard work from a great team is revealed. A brand new music video for my song Better off Alone is out and made with me, Dance Allstarz and Team Recycled. 

Detlef D Soost, who is the man behind D's World, D's Dance School and who is one of the three jurymembers of Popstars here in Germany, decided to support my song by making a video with professional dancers and crew. I am deeply thankful for that. I could not have done it alone. 

So, I proudly present to you this video made with Dance Allstarz dancers. 
The choreograhy is now being taught exclusively across more than 140 of D's Dance Schools here in Germany and in June I will be performing this song live with dancers at a huge event for 4000 people here in Germany.

I am so excited and so deeply grateful for all the good things that are happening in my life. Determination and striving towards the wildest of my dreams is paying off in the most fantastic way.

Enjoy the video and if you really like the song you can buy it and support me at the same time, as I have released it alone. It is out on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazon etc etc

Here is the promotion D's Dance School is doing of the video on their website: 

D's World - Promotion of Better off Alone 



Nina x

Monday, May 06, 2013

Wow - I am climbing the charts this week!

I may be home in bed sick, but good news is the best remedy to make you feel better in an instant. 

I just found out that my new single Better off Alone jumped right in at place 12 on Chartbase top 100 over international hits in Denmark. Last week I was testing to get on the list and now I am the highest new entry at no. 12! Wow, how about that ;)

The funny thing is that when I looked to see if I had reached the list I somehow missed my song, as I was browsing the hits further down the list - I admit I had never imagined I would be this far up the list. So, as I did not see my song I noticed my sister was on the list at place 44 with her song "I'm not alone" that she performed at the Danish Eurovision Songcontest. She has been on this list for ages without me noticing it. I was so proud and sent her a message. 

Then as I scrolled back up the list and I saw my song at place 12 and I honestly could not believe it! I was so happy and had to rub my eyes to be sure I was not imagining things
It is a little funny that I have a song on the list called "Better off alone" and my sister one that is called "I'm not alone" and now they are both on the list at the same time. Rock on Hall Girls.

Red means new entry ;)

See the chart here: Chartbase top 100

I can now crawl back into bed with a smile on my face. This is indeed good news for me. My determination and my work seems to be paying off and that just gives me such a boost and energy to do even more. This is just the beginning ;)

Love from

Nina x

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Do you also feel guilty when you relax?

It is the 5th of May today and the sun is shining and outside my window the park is full of happy people enjoying the summer feel and warmth. It has been a long grey winter (the longest since 1959) and we all need the light. Me, I am inside in my bed with a virus and have lost my voice, have the chills and headache and a cold. Brilliant.

I am sure I am an easy target cause I have had many things on my little mind lately; I have been shooting my music video this week where we all froze for 3 hours; I have been quite nervous about my performance in it; I had a performance in Denmark and I have to be out of my flat in 2 weeks and am in the process of finding a new place. So, I have been in "worry" mode a bit too much lately and I often get ill when that happens. Worrying gets me absolutely nowhere and blocks my ability to see things clearly! I am very aware of this, yet I still walk down the road of fear from time to time.

Relaxing with a clear conscience
One good thing about being ill is that this is the only time I seem to allow myself to relax with a clear conscience. This is totally silly - I know it! I feel I should be working on music, promotion, networking, practical things and if I decide to relax I feel a little bad about it - it is a kind of guilt over not working on my dream. Relaxing is necessary for me to see things clearly not mention it being essential for our well-being. I actually found that I more easily relax when I move myself away from my flat or the area where I live in Berlin and go out in nature or if I am in Denmark or another country. So, as I am in my flat with a virus I chose to see the positive aspect of it being that I am forced to relax (I just had to write this blogpost too.....). I am yet again reminding myself that I have to change my patterns so I feel good about relaxing. I know this is not done over night, but I will seriously do something about it now.

Until next time,

Hugs and coughs

Nina x