Sunday, September 15, 2013

More Questions from Mr X!

Performing at REWE festival in Berlin
More Shows and more great Questions from Mr X.

It has been quite a while since I posted something on this blog as my life has been rather busy with more performances and planning a new venture of mine AND a trip to an Anthony Robbins Seminar in NYC soon. I admit I have been neglecting the art of blogging. Now I have a nice and quiet Sunday here in Berlin with time for reflection. 

As some of you know Mr X, as I like to call him, sends me questions once in a while that I decided to answer in public as I believe it may be inspiring for some of you to read along too. So, here is what Mr X wrote to me and my answers to the latest super questions from him. 

Mr X, I like that. 

Thanks for the great reply yet again Nina. It's fascinating to learn about your thought process when it comes to not only your music but your relationships with others. 

It's been a few have you been? Keeping busy? I do have more questions!  

1. You told me that music has been part of your life for a very long time. This might sound a little strange but I was wondering if your relationship with music has changed or evolved? To me it sounds like you've gone on a journey with your one time it was a side endeavor and now it's a very full time gig. Curious if your view on music has changed at all because of this journey?

Dear Mr X,

Once more you bless me with your interesting questions that make my mind spin. I love reflecting over my life and this gives me a chance to do so while answering your questions.

To answer your first question, yes my relationship to music has changed.

The biggest change came when i decided to go ”all in” about one year ago. Once I made this choice everything changed. When I only wrote music and performed as a hobby, it was in a way only half-hearted, which was also reflected in my songs. I did not dare to go all in and just played it safe. Thus, I did not invest all of me in it. When i broke up with my X I began writing from an authentic place, cause I felt I had nothing more to loose. I was broken and the music helped me rebuild myself as the real me. When I sing my songs from this time I feel the emotions again and this makes my music authentic as it comes from an integrated part of me. I was not thinking as I wrote the songs – they just came out. I was not thinking about hits, I was thinking about fear, sadness, hope, worry, dreams, love etc.

As I have decided to go all in things really began to happen, cause I allowed myself for the first time to feel how much I want this and this released a new power and devotion to go all in on realizing my dream of living of my music and being creative.

Today I would not be able to write lyrics that dont mean anything to me as I could before. It no longer works for me. This is one area where i wont compromise. I respect my music too much for that. So, this is yet a thing that has changed.

Performing at the Kids-Parade Berlin
2. When prompted the move from Denmark to Germany?

After I left my boyfriend through almost 8 years I knew that if I was to go all in on my dream and remove myself from old limiting thoughts about my abilities I had to physically move myself from my old life too. Not to run away from my past cause it is a part of me and has given me the strength and energy I have today, but to get new input, move beyong my comfortzone and feel a new buzz and vibe around me. Also, Berlin was on my list of dreams. I have wanted to try and live here for many years.

Why Berlin? I have felt drawn to Berlin the past 6 years or so as it is a big city full of a buzzing creative vibe. I feel the history of the city every day when I am here and the people's ability to adapt to change and survive through WW2 and the Berlin wall to me reflects a ”survival spirit” that I feel has a inspiring effect on me. I feel this is a city of strenght, compassion, creativity and freedom and this was what I needed to feel around me after my turnaround in life. I meet so many exiting people here and I feel much more free.

Moreover, it is still only 1 hour from my family in Denmark by plane and my sister lives here. I dont think everyone would need to physically move to a new country to find their own power again and to experience a feeling of freedom in order to realize their dreams. I wanted to try and live in a new country so for me this move was a natural step in the process. Why put off for later in life what you can do now and what you desire now? There is nothing that holds you back apart from fear of the unknown and I will not let this stop me.

My wonderful Dancers backstage at Kids Parade in Berlin.
3. Fear...doubt. We all have them and how we cope and deal with them is never the same. When I look at the big career change you made the most obvious fears I would have if I were in the same position would be whether I would be able to make a career out of it. Could I pay the bills for example. When you changed careers did you lose some of your fears and doubts? And perhaps gain others? Has maturity brought you the skills and wisdom to deal with fear and doubts more confidently?

I decided to wait and answer this third question in my next post as it is a big subject and needs more "space" for all the things I have to say about how I dealt with / am dealing with fear and doubt. So, I'll get back to you on this one within the next week or two.  

Love n hugs


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