Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The importance of being AUTHENTIC!

I am getting ready for yet a performance and this time it is in my homeland Denmark in the beautiful capital Copenhagen. I lived there most of my adult life and love the city and the fact that it is surrounded by water and you can bike to a beach in just 20 mins from the center!

Anyway, I have a performance there at a club on Saturday. It is a trip down memory lane for me as this club is next to the first place I lived when I moved away from home and my wonderful mum in Allerød. I lived in Ålborggade with my darling friend Naja and boy we had a blast together! As I think back to those days I think back to how confusing it was for me to be a teenager, young adult and finding out who I was. Actually I don't think I have found out really until the last year and well, I am still in the process I guess. So, at the age of 32 I am finally closer than ever to knowing the real me, my values, my ethics and views on life.

This has also made me realize that I will never compromise who I am in my music, my performances, my public and private appearances. All you ever get to see it the real me. Authenticity is key in my life. I guess this comes from being a "pleaser" for too many years. Always trying to make everyone else happy and blend in and in doing so rather successfully I forgot who I was. I was not able to say what I wanted cause I simply did not know anymore. SO, I have tried walking down that path and will not do that again. Now I am doing what is best for me and so this love and respect for me and my needs in life enables me to do far more for people as I feel more harmony and energy in my life. I tell you, it works. I believe you are a far more valuable asset for family and friends when you are the REAL you and as you are true to the authentic you, you are able to lead a more happy and content life.

So, to bring more of "me" into my music as I perform next weekend I plan on playing the piano myself and singing at the same time, which as some of you know is a thing I have always been scared of doing. Why? Because what if I made a mistake? I am a singer, not a perfect piano player! A few months ago I decided that I won't let fear of making a mistake stop me. I wish to play my songs myself and not always be dependent on a band or piano player and trust that all will be ok. So, I'll let you know how it went when I am back next week. Maybe I'll even have a video to post ;)


Nina x

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